How to Get More Gold Coins in Hunger Shark Evolution

One of the best things about Hunger Shark Evolution is the gold coins. As you keep playing, you get these golden fish. Eat them up and they will unleash a huge collection of gold coins that will add to your kitty. In fact, these gold coins should be the primary objective of your entire game. They give you the ability to buy all those upgrades and even to evolve your shark. So keep a lookout for the those golden bellies.

If you eat a lot of fish together, or a lot of golden fish together, you will get that is known as Gold Rush. There are also bottles with orange fluid swimming in the ocean. If you come across them, chomp them up. They will also give you a lot of golden coins. When a Gold Rush happens, don’t focus on anything else but eating as many fish as possible. During this period, every fish is golden and they give you a large number of coins. Even the fish that are usually dangerous such as the venom fish and the blow fish will become golden and you can eat them up during this brief time. Note that you cannot eat them otherwise.

But if you are really stuck for gold coins, then you might go for gold coin cheats. There are several hungry shark evolution hack websites that give you all these cheats that you can patch onto your game. Apart from the gold coins, you will also get unlimited upgrades that you can use to make your sharking experience all the more better.

There is much to explore and upgrade in Hungry Shark Evolution and you want as many gold coins as possible to achieve that. Go deep into the sea to find out treasure chests that have a large number of gold coins as well.